Welcome to Bexleyheath Bathrooms

our flagship bathroom showroom in Bexleyheath, Kent


Bathrooms are a fashion statement, constantly changing, continually evolving. Here at Bexleyheath Bathrooms our mission is to showcase the newest trends, the finest styles and the latest technology. We monitor industry launches, manufacturer social media and the top interior designers to make sure we are on point and up to date. Our mission is to bring you the future today.

1. Design planning

We talk it out, get some ideas. Arrange the space. Start planning!

2. 3D solutions

Using Virtual Worlds software we can give you your design as though we’ve taken a photograph.

3 . Ordering

We’ll make sure your plumber has everything they may need. Hey, we told you already, we got your back.


Based in Bexleyheath, we have three floors of bathroom, shower and cloakroom settings. Many of our display are real life size so you can see what your bath or shower room will look like. We also have sample areas where you can create mood boards, match colours or discuss the finer points of your project. This isn’t restricted to the bathroom ware and taps but extends to tiles, paints and wall coverings. Browse our gallery to see, if you are in any doubt, that we are truly worth a visit.

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Our Methods

Our methods are simple and based around you. If you want to browse on your own, feel free. If you wish to meet your interior designer, builder or architect, then book one of our design tables, plug your laptop in, charge your phone, grab a coffee and plan away. If you need help, one of our designers is usually on hand, but if you want to be assured, then you can book an appointment on our diary page. If you need a full home visit and design, then we are happy to do that, but we do charge. See the diary page for details.

Our Designers

With fast moving trends, vibrant colours and ever-advancing technology, the bathroom is no longer white and chrome jazzed up with bland tiles. It is a place you can imprint you style, your identity and your lifestyle choices on. Your cloakroom isn’t the toilet under the stairs, it is a showcase of your design seen by your friends and family. Our designers can help you achieve that vision. We have full 3D CAD, every sample you could wish to see, all in one place. You can book a consultation with one of our designers on our diary page.

Our Suppliers

Supply chain is everything. We have curated the best supply chain possible, ruthlessly cutting those that haven’t performed in the past. Mistakes happen, products fail, that is a fact that we do not shy away from, nor do we pretend doesn’t happen. That is why a strong supply chain is essential. We have full confidence that, provided a product is installed correctly, if there is a failure of any kind we can get it resolved quickly and fairly.



Bexleyheath Bathrooms is part of Thompson and Leigh Ltd, one of the largest Independent plumbing, heating and bathroom retailers in the South East. Plumbers, bathroom installers, heating engineers are our customers. Therefore, we do not install or arrange installation. We know what we are good at, and we know what our partners excel at. We are happy to recommend installers that we know and trust, however, any agreement would be between you and them. See a brief history of Thompson & Leigh.